SDSU Retirement Association

Message from our President, Nancy Farnan


Welcome to the website of San Diego State University's Retirement Association. We are continuing to add functions to this site, so please browse and see what might be useful and relevant to you. We are beginning to have in-person events; and it’s wonderful to get together again! Perhaps you have already attended one or more. We continue to grow as an organization. Our membership is increasing. We continue to be vibrant and active and are working to create an increasingly strong sense of community among the membership, as well as contributing in various ways to San Diego State University and its students. Volunteer members worked again this year with the university to review students’ applications for many of SDSU's scholarships, including our Retirement Association scholarships. We awarded the association's 2020-2021 scholarships and were able to meet many of the awardees at our annual Business Meeting/Luncheon. We have an increased website presence; and membership dues, scholarship donations, and updated member information can now be accessed on our website, in addition to the usual paper mailing. New interest groups are being formed. PostScript continues to be a wonderful and informative publication for members. You will notice that no one is named in this message, but the list of active members is long. Suffice it to say that everything we do is driven by a committed and talented Board and other association members. We look forward to participating with you as we thrive and grow as an organization. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], and stay safe during what continue to be challenging times.

The SDSURA is available to all retired and current faculty and staff of SDSU and its Auxiliary organizations.  The SDSURA

  • Sponsors scholarships
  • Publishes a newsletter Postscript (3 times per year)
  • Sponsors activities that allow members to learn, have fun and make new friends
  • Communicates with representatives of the University, government, and other groups in matters affecting retired persons on the behalf of the membership
  • Offers opportunities to stay connected and be a part of SDSU’s cultural richness and cutting-edge developments

The California State University, SDSU and its Auxiliaries provide many benefits to retired faculty and staff. Benefits include health and dental coverage, retention of the SDSU ID card, continued use of the SDSU email address, parking, library facilities and the Faculty/Staff club. Benefits may vary based on the organization from which you retired, your years of service, and whether you are faculty or staff.  Check with the appropriate offices to determine how benefits apply to you.  Helpful links are provided which may be of interest or assistance.

The SDSURA Board includes a Benefits Committee which monitors legislation and other decisions that may affect our benefits and welfare. The committee provides regular reports and updates to the Board and informs the membership with articles in Postscript.

The SDSURA is a non-profit organization. It was established in 1986 through the cooperative efforts of retired and active SDSU faculty and staff and with the support and encouragement of President Thomas B. Day. It is one of the few such organizations that embraces both faculty and staff.  In the past the Association has helped fund projects such as the Symphonic Carillon – the wonderful sounds that you hear while on campus.

Mission:  To serve the mutual benefits and interests of retired and near-retired faculty and staff. To facilitate continuing contributions by members to the furtherance of the scholarly and other professional objectives of San Diego State University.

Our office does not have permanent staff but we welcome your calls and emails. Please be patient as responses may not be immediate.

The SDSURA is overseen by a Board of Directors of approximately 20 members.  The term for elected officers is 2 years.

President Nancy Farnan nancy farnan
Vice President Dan Gilbreath dan gilbreath
Secretary Barbara Barnes photo of Barbara Barnes
Treasurer Robin Fishbaugh Robin Fishbaugh
Senator Gordon Shackleford

photo of Gordon Shackleford

Immediate Past President Dean Popp photo of Dean Popp


Directors at Large
Patrick Papin
Gloria Ross
Rick Schulte
Standing Committee Committee Chairs
Activities Ann LePage
Membership Kimberlee Reilly
Benefits Tom Donahue
Bylaws / Rules Lesley Bryant
Scholarship Nancy Carmichael
Postscript Barbara Barnes, Leif Fearn, Maggi McKerrow
Awards Ron Young
Historian Barbara Barnes
University Advancement Liaison Amy Walling
Faculty/Staff Club Liaison Nancy Carmichael

Retirement Association Links

San Diego State University Links

Government Links

Miscellaneous Links

  • AROHE, (Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education)
  • AARP, (American Association for Retired Persons)
  • CSU-ERFSA, (California State University Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association)
  • CSEA, (California State Employees Association Retirees Division news)
  • California Faculty Association

The POSTSCRIPT is published three times a year by the SDSU Retirement Association. POSTSCRIPT has information about the activities of the SDSU-RA and related campus and university news.

After a year put on hold we are looking forward to getting back to our traditional schedule of activities as well as exploring opportunities for new activities.  Please put the following dates on your calendar.

January February March April
    3/15/22-3/17/22 - 2022 Desert Escape, Palm Canyon Resort, Borrego Springs  
May June July August
September October November December
9/1/21 - Scholarship Luncheon*, Tom Ham's Lighthouse 11-3

10/22/21 - Octoberfest*, Santee Lakes 12-3

  12/9/21 - Holiday Luncheon*, Claim Jumper, Grossmont Mall 12-3

*Invitations will be sent out prior to the event

San Diego State University Retirement Association Scholarship Awardees - 2020

($2796.00 awarded to each)

Sama Aziz - Dr. Aubrey Wendling Memorial Scholarship University Major – International Economics and German

Abigail Castro (Previous Awardee) University Major – Child Development and Recreation and Tourism Management

Daniel Chalfa University Major – Business Administration

Tristin Hooker – Nore and Nancy Thiesfeld Scholarship University Major – Aerospace Engineering

Avi Martin (Previous Awardee) - Norma Summersgill Memorial Scholarship  University Major - Astronomy with a minor in Computer Engineering and Honors

Luna Miller  University Major – Criminal Justice

Rebecca Pierce (Previous Awardee)  University Major – Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy

Pierre Sherrill II– Dr. Jerry Koppman Memorial Scholarship  University Major – Education/Doctoral Candidate