SDSU Retirement Association

The San Diego State University Retirement Association was established in 1986 through the cooperative efforts of retired and current SDSU faculty and staff and the support and encouragement of President Thomas B. Day. The Association was established in order to serve the mutual benefits and interests of retired and near retired faculty and staff and to facilitate continuing contributions by members to the furtherance of the scholarly and other professional objectives of San Diego State University.

  • To provide pre-retirement and post-retirement planning and counseling;
  • To implement communication between the University and retired faculty and staff;
  • To sponsor educational programs related to problems of retired persons, such as housing, medical care, and other economic and social concerns;
  • To work for improvement of the retirement program of San Diego State University;
  • To provide a means for continuing professional and educational activities of the University personnel in retirement;
  • To communicate on behalf of the retired San Diego State University personnel with representatives of the University, government, and other groups affecting the welfare of retired persons.
  • THE ASSOCIATION PROVIDES access to its library of information regarding aspects of retirement; PERS, Social Security, Medicare, health and life insurances, taxes, estate planning, finances, relocation, and medical concerns.
  • THE ASSOCIATION CONDUCTS seminars and workshops and offers individual consultation in areas pertaining to retirement planning and post-retirement living.
  • THE ASSOCIATION ASSISTS in the interpretation of administrative policies relating to benefits and privileges, i.e., campus space and facilities, parking, etc.
  • THE ASSOCIATION PUBLISHES a newsletter, PostScript, with information about the activities of the SDSU Retirement Association and related campus and university news.
  • THE ASSOCIATION PROVIDES opportunities for members to participate in a wide range of social activities and excursions.
    If enrolled at the time of retirement, retirees will continue to receive the state contribution to health and dental benefits.
    Retirees will continue to be issued SDSU I.D. cards and are entitled to all faculty/staff privileges requiring possession of an I.D. card.
    Faculty/staff are eligible for courtesy parking permits entitling the holder to free parking in faculty/staff parking lots. Permits must be renewed annually at the Public Safety Office.
    Faculty/staff retain all library privileges provided to them at the time of retirement.
    Retirees are entitled to all discount privileges made available to regular faculty/staff, i.e., discounts on all athletic tickets – season tickets or tickets on a game-by-game basis.
    Those who were dues-paying members of the Club when they retired continue their Club membership without dues.
    Each retiree who is a member of the Association receives the San Diego State University Retirement Association PostScript.
    Faculty/staff are entitled to use all campus recreational facilities requiring possession of SDSU I.D. Card. Various travel opportunities are made available to the membership.
    The Association Office personnel provides information and services on a wide range of interests to retirees. We are as close as your telephone.
President Dean Popp photo of Dean Popp
Vice President Debbie Quiett photo of Deb Quiet
Secretary Barbara Barnes photo of Barbara Barnes
Treasurer Robin Fishbaugh  Robin Fishbaugh
Senator Gordon Shackleford

photo of Gordon Shackleford

Immediate Past President Pat Koppman Pat Koppman


Directors at Large
Ronald Young
Nancy Farnan
Gloria Ross
Standing Committee Committee Chairs
Activities Mary Nelson, Ann LePage, Rick Schulte, Joan McArthur
Membership Glen Broom
Benefits Tom Donahue
Bylaws / Rules Cheryl Trtan
Scholarship Nancy Carmichael
Postscript Barbara Barnes, Leif Fern, Maggi McKerrow
Webmaster Pat Coffey
Awards Ron Young
Historian Lucille Wendling
University Advancement Liaison Amy Walling
SDSU Women's Association Liaison Rinda Young
Faculty/Staff Club Liaison Nancy Carmichael

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The POSTSCRIPT is published three times a year by the SDSU Retirement Association. POSTSCRIPT has information about the activities of the SDSU-RA and related campus and university news.

January February March April

1 - Office closed | New Year's Day

3 - Golf group

11 - Board Meeting 1 PM

7 - Golf group

8 - Board Meeting 1PM

14 - Valentines Luncheon

7 - Golf group

8 - Board Meeting 1PM

12 - Borrego Escape

4 - Golf group

4 - Board Meeting

25 - Scholarship Luncheon

27 - James and the Giant Peach

May June July August

2 - Golf group

4 - Kentucky Derby Party

10 - Board Meeting

6 - Golf group

14 - Board Meeting

4 - Golf group

24 - Day at the Races

(No Board Meeting)

1 - Golf group

(No Board Meeting)

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2 - Office closed | Labor Day

5 - Golf group

13 - Board Meeting

3 - Golf group

11 - Board Meeting 1PM

18 - Oktoberfest

7 - Golf group

8 - Board Meeting

5 - Golf group

7 - SDSU Theatre production of "She Loves Me"

8 - Holiday Party


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