SDSU Retirement Association

Message from our President, Nancy Farnan


Welcome to the website of San Diego State University's Retirement Association. We are continuing to add information and functions to this site, so please browse and see what might be interesting and relevant to you. We continue to build our website presence. Membership dues, scholarship donations, and updated member information can, as of last year, be accessed on the website--in addition to the usual paper mailing. You’ll find listings of events; and, in addition, watch for some new offerings that we hope to have available starting this year! We have had several in-person events and plan more in the upcoming months! Perhaps you have attended one or more. We continue to grow as an organization. Our membership is increasing. As we strive to be vibrant and active, we are working to create an increasingly strong sense of community among the membership, as well as contributing in various ways to San Diego State University and its students. Volunteer members worked again this year with the university to review students’ applications for many of SDSU's scholarships, including our Retirement Association scholarships. We were able again to meet many of the awardees at our annual Business Meeting/Luncheon. It’s wonderful to hear about their academic aspirations and experiences. In March, we co-hosted with the university one of the many events for SDSU’s 125th Anniversary Celebration, this one especially for retired faculty and staff. New Special Interest Groups are being formed. PostScript continues to be a wonderful and informative publication for members. You will notice that no one is named in this message, but the list of active members is long. Suffice it to say that everything we do is driven by a committed and talented Board, some of whom are stepping into Board roles for the first time this year, and other active association members. We look forward to participating with you as we thrive and grow as an organization. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], and stay safe during what continue to be challenging times.


The SDSURA is available to all retired and current faculty and staff of SDSU and its Auxiliary organizations.  The SDSURA

  • Sponsors scholarships
  • Publishes a newsletter Postscript (3 times per year)
  • Sponsors activities that allow members to learn, have fun and make new friends
  • Communicates with representatives of the University, government, and other groups in matters affecting retired persons on the behalf of the membership
  • Offers opportunities to stay connected and be a part of SDSU’s cultural richness and cutting-edge developments

The California State University, SDSU and its Auxiliaries provide many benefits to retired faculty and staff. Benefits include health and dental coverage, retention of the SDSU ID card, continued use of the SDSU email address, parking, library facilities and the Faculty/Staff club. Benefits may vary based on the organization from which you retired, your years of service, and whether you are faculty or staff.  Check with the appropriate offices to determine how benefits apply to you.  Helpful links are provided which may be of interest or assistance.

The SDSURA Board includes a Benefits Committee which monitors legislation and other decisions that may affect our benefits and welfare. The committee provides regular reports and updates to the Board and informs the membership with articles in Postscript.

The SDSURA is a non-profit organization. It was established in 1986 through the cooperative efforts of retired and active SDSU faculty and staff and with the support and encouragement of President Thomas B. Day. It is one of the few such organizations that embraces both faculty and staff.  In the past the Association has helped fund projects such as the Symphonic Carillon – the wonderful sounds that you hear while on campus.

Mission:  To serve the mutual benefits and interests of retired and near-retired faculty and staff. To facilitate continuing contributions by members to the furtherance of the scholarly and other professional objectives of San Diego State University.


As amended through May 13, 2022

San Diego State University Retirement Association
Established March 1986




This organization shall be known as the San Diego State University Retirement Association.




The San Diego State University Retirement Association (the Association) is a nonprofit on-campus organization; its purposes are to:

  • Encourage communication between the University and retired faculty and staff;
  • Develop information on and to sponsor educational programs related to problems of retired persons, such as housing, medical care, and other economic and social concerns;
  • Work for improvement of the retirement program of San Diego State University;
  • Provide members with information concerning continuing professional and educational activities of retired faculty and staff;
  • Communicate on behalf of retired San Diego State University personnel with representatives of the University, government, and other groups affecting the welfare of retired persons;
  • Facilitate continuing contributions by members to the furtherance of the scholarly and other professional objectives of San Diego State University;
  • Sponsor or facilitate social and recreational activities of interest to retired San Diego State University faculty and staff; and
  • Sponsor scholarships for San Diego State University full time students who have a family member currently working for or retired from San Diego State University or its auxiliaries. Family members may be a parent or grandparent or may be a first-generation aunt or uncle.





Section 1. Membership in the Association is available to all retired or current SDSU faculty and staff and university auxiliary organization employees and/or spouses/partners of same.  Listed below are the categories of membership.


Section 2. The categories of membership are:

  1. Regular - Regular members meet the requirements stated in Section 1. Regular members pay annual dues to the Association in an amount specified by the Board of Directors;
  2. Associate - Associate members are neither retired nor current faculty or staff at SDSU but have been, with approval of the Board of Directors, invited by a regular member to join the Association and its activities. Associate members pay the same dues as regular member but they may not hold office in the Association.
  3. Honorary - Honorary members have been so designated by the Board of Directors by virtue of their exceptional service to SDSU or to the Association. Honorary members are not required to pay dues but they have all the rights and privileges of Regular members.





Section 1. Composition - Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and Senator.


Section 2. Composition - Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be composed of The Executive Committee, three (3) Directors-at-Large, Chair (and Vice-Chair if applicable) of each Standing Committee, Chairs of special committees appointed by the President and deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee to serve on the Board, and members who are appointed by the President as Representatives of organizations or agencies deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.


Section 3. Terms of Office

  1. Officers (see Article V) and Directors-at-Large shall hold office for two (2) years. Terms of office shall begin on July 1.
  2. Officers and Directors-at-Large may be reelected to the same or any other office.


Section 4. Replacement or Removal of Board Members

In the event that a vacancy occurs, the Executive Committee shall appoint a member of the Association to serve the remainder of the vacated term.  A partial term by appointment by the Executive Committee will not constitute a term of office as described in Section 3 of this Article. Any member of the Board of Directors may be removed from office at any time by two-thirds vote of the total number of members of the Board.  


Section 5. Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall control and manage the property of the Association, its business and activities for the general welfare of the Association. 

With the exception of Committee Vice-Chairs, all members of the Board are eligible to vote on matters presented to the Board. In the absence of a Committee Chair, that Committee’s Vice-Chair may vote on behalf of the Committee.

Vote by Proxy – Committee Chairs in the absence of a Vice-Chair may appoint another member of their committee as a proxy to vote on their behalf.  Chairs shall brief their proxy on any matters pending before the board.  A proxy notification must be submitted by the Committee Chair to the President prior to the board meeting.


The Board of Directors shall:

  1. Fix the time and place of regular meetings.
  2. Establish the amount of annual dues.
  3. Determine the depositories for all funds of the Association and require funds to be deposited in the name of the Association.
  4. Make rules for the use of properties of the Association.


Section 6. Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall:

  1. With the President choose members for the Board of Directors as indicated in Section 2 of this Article.
  2. Exercise the powers of the Board of Directors whenever decisions must be made and time does not permit convening the Board of Directors.
  3. Not exercise powers beyond those of the Board of Directors.




Section 1. Establishment of Officers

The Association shall provide for the following officers:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and Senator.


Section 2. Duties and Powers of Officers

  1. The duties of the President shall be:
  • To act as the Presiding Officer at all meetings of the Association;
  • To serve as Chief Executive Officer of the Association, including responsibility for management of its office, staff, and resources;
  • To make appointments to Standing and Ad Hoc Committees, as necessary; to appoint representatives to outside organizations;
  • To provide or coordinate liaison with other appropriate retirement organizations; and
  • To be responsible for collection and deposit into the proper Association accounts all dues and other monies payable to the Association and to transmit a report of such deposits to the Treasurer for purposes of reconciliation and financial record keeping.
  1. The powers of the President shall be:
  • To act as the official representative of the Association;
  • To obligate the Association in matters approved by the Board of Directors;
  • To sign agreements and acts of legislation within the scope of the Association's realm of influence; and
  • To serve as an ex officio member of all committees.
  1. The duties of the Vice President shall be:
  • To assume temporarily the duties of the President in his/her absence, inability, or vacancy of Office; and
  • To perform all duties assigned by the membership of the Association or the President.
  1. The powers of the Vice President shall be:
  • To assume temporarily the powers of the President in the event of his/her absence, inability to serve, or vacancy of office; and
  • To serve with the Past President as Co-Chair of the Nominating Committee and as an ex officio member of all other committees when requested.
  1. The duties of the Secretary shall be:
  • To assume temporarily the powers of the Vice President in the event of his/her absence, inability to serve, or vacancy of office;
  • To provide minutes of meetings of the Association, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors;
  • To provide for review of all financial records and documents of the Association upon request of any Association member;
  • To be the custodian of all non-financial records and documents of the Association; and
  • To conduct, at the direction of the President, the official correspondence of the Association.
  1. The duties of the Treasurer shall be:
  • To keep accurate records of all financial transactions;
  • To report the financial status of the Association to its membership, at least annually. Reports may be more frequent, at the discretion of the Treasurer and the editorial board of the PostScript;
  • To prepare annually a budget for approval by the Executive Committee;
  • To authorize all financial disbursement documents; and
  • To provide for review all financial records and documents of the Association upon request of any Association member.
  1. The duties of the Senator shall be:
  • To attend Senate meetings and otherwise participate in the activities of the SDSU Senate;
  • To represent the interests of the retired SDSU faculty and staff;
  • To communicate the concerns of the Association to the SDSU Senate; and
  • To report regularly to the Association Board of Directors all matters of interest to the Association.





Section 1. Eligibility for Nominations and Elections

  1. With the exception of Associate members, all Association members are eligible for election to the Board of Directors, except that the Office of Senator must be filled by an Emeritus Faculty.
  2. All Association members are encouraged to submit names in nomination for election to the Board of Directors except that nominations for Senator must be made only by Emeritus Faculty.


Section 2. Nominations and Elections

  1. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of nominees to the Board of Directors and shall receive any additional nominations from the members of the Association prior to the Spring Meeting.

      The Nominating Committee shall review all nominations to determine eligibility, and shall contact those nominated to determine their willingness to serve.

  1. Elections shall be conducted at the annual business meeting or by other means deemed appropriate by the Board.
  2. Election of the three (3) Directors-at-Large shall be as follows:
  • Two (2) Directors-at-Large in each even-numbered year; and
  • One (1) Director-at-Large in each odd-numbered year.





Section 1. Types of Committees

There will be three types of committees

  1. Standing Committees - Standing Committees of the Association shall have defined scope and authority.
  2. Ad Hoc Committees - Ad Hoc Committees shall have defined scope and authority. Their purpose shall be intent-specific and they may conduct investigations and make recommendations for action within their areas of influence.
  3. Action/Project Committees - Action/Project Committees shall have define scope and authority. Their purpose shall be to investigate particular issues brought before the Association.


Section 2. Establishment of Committees

The following Standing Committees shall be established by these Bylaws.  Other Standing Committees may be established through amendment of these Bylaws. All new committees shall be Ad Hoc for a period of one (1) year before being added to the list of Standing Committees. All committees shall determine the Committee’s calendar and, if feasible, its preliminary agenda.  Committees shall also bring recommendations for action to the Executive Committee.

  1. Communications Committee   Scholarship Committee
  2. Legislative/Social Actions Committee   Membership Committee
  3. Activities Committee   Benefits Committee
  4. Bylaws/Rules Committee    Awards Committee
  5. Nomination Committee   PostScript Committee


Section 3. Appointment of Members to Committees

  1. The Chair of each committee shall be appointed by the President or elected from and by the membership of the committee with the approval of the President.
  2. A committee’s membership shall be determined by its Chair.
  3. With the President’s approval, a Standing Committee may elect a Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chair is a non-voting member of the Board and discharges the duties of the Chair as required in the Chair’s absence.  The Vice-Chair supports the activities of the Chair including sharing responsibilities as appropriate.


Section 4.  Resignation or Inability to Serve

In the event that a vacancy occurs on a committee the President shall appoint a member of the Association to serve the remainder of the vacated term.





Section 1.   Meetings

  1. The Executive Committee shall meet as requested by the President.
  2. Board of Directors shall meet regularly as requested by the President.
  3. At least one of the general membership meetings shall be held in the spring of each year, for the purpose of conducting Association business.
  4. Members of Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Committees, and Action/Project Committees shall meet as necessary to conduct the business of their respective committees.





Section 1.    Provisions for Matters Not Expressly Covered

  1. Any items not expressly covered in the Bylaws may be decided by the Executive Committee of the Association, which may vote to poll the general membership for their endorsement or rejection of policies or actions deemed to be non-routine.
  2. The Association may enact no rule or decision which is in conflict with the Bylaws of the Association.

Section 2.   These Bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Board of Directors by a vote of a majority of the members present, or at any general meeting of the Association by a vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting.

Section 3.   Enforcement

  The enforcement powers of these Bylaws are vested in the    officers and membership of the Association.

Section 4.   Robert's Rules of Order

                  Robert's Rules of Order, newly revised, shall govern the deliberations of this Association in all procedures not expressly covered by these Bylaws.

Section 5.   Dissolution

  1. If the Board of Directors concludes that it is no longer feasible for the Association to continue, the Board shall call a special meeting of the Association members. The decision to dissolve must be ratified by a majority of the Association members present and voting at the special meeting.
  2. In the event of dissolution, the assets shall be liquidated and distributed in a manner deemed appropriate and recommended by the last Board of Directors and ratified by a two-thirds vote of those Association members present and voting at the final meeting.

Assets must be distributed to one or more nonprofit entities organized and operated for the benefit of San Diego State University or the students or faculty at San Diego State University. Such entities must qualify for federal income tax exemption under Sections 501(a) and 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and be organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary, or education purposes.

  1. None of the final assets shall inure to the direct benefit of any director, officer, or member of the Association or to the personal benefit of any private individual.


Our office does not have permanent staff but we welcome your calls and emails. Please be patient as responses may not be immediate.

The SDSURA is overseen by a Board of Directors of approximately 20 members.  The term for elected officers is 2 years.

President Nancy Farnan nancy farnan
Vice President Dan Gilbreath dan gilbreath
Secretary Barbara Barnes photo of Barbara Barnes
Treasurer Robin Fishbaugh Robin Fishbaugh
Senator Gordon Shackleford

photo of Gordon Shackleford

Immediate Past President Dean Popp photo of Dean Popp


Directors at Large
Patrick Papin
Gloria Ross
Rick Schulte
Standing Committee Committee Chairs
Activities Ann LePage
Membership Kimberlee Reilly
Benefits Tom Donahue
Bylaws / Rules Lesley Bryant
Scholarship Nancy Carmichael
Postscript Barbara Barnes, Leif Fearn, Maggi McKerrow
Awards Ron Young
Historian Barbara Barnes
University Advancement Liaison Amy Walling
Faculty/Staff Club Liaison Nancy Carmichael

Retirement Association Links

San Diego State University Links

Government Links

Miscellaneous Links

Below is a list of current activities we hope to populate with photos as soon as we obtain permission from our members. (Photo permission is accepted or declined via the membership application.)

Borrego Escape

Day at the Races


Valentines Luncheon

Kentucky Derby Party

Holiday Party

Spring Luncheon and Awards

Spring Luncheon and Awards 2022

The POSTSCRIPT is published three times a year by the SDSU Retirement Association. POSTSCRIPT has information about the activities of the SDSU-RA and related campus and university news.

Happy New Year!   

In December 2021, the SDSURA held our annual holiday party which was a luncheon at the The Claim Jumper in La Mesa.  65 members attended and it was a time to reconnect with old friends, make a few new friends and celebrate the end of a year while looking forward to the future.  We hope that you are doing well and may your new year be filled with laughter, fun and great memories. Thank you for your membership and continued support.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” —Albert Einstein

Member Requests/Feedback - We would like to get some feedback from you as to events, activities, and resources we can provide to you as a member of the SDSU Retirement Association.  If you have suggestions as to what you would like to see, whether it is activities, information we can provide, seminars, or other assistance, we are happy to receive input about how we can enhance your retirement experience as a member of the Association.  You can send any comments to [email protected].

Upcoming Events (More information to follow.)

Valentine’s Luncheon Party -The 2022 Valentine’s Luncheon for this year has been cancelled due to the recent increase in Covid 19 cases.  It is important that we consider the safety of our members when we hold these events and will keep you informed of any changes to upcoming events that are currently scheduled.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - SDSU Faculty/Staff Reunion(more information below)

Tuesday, March 22 thru Friday Morning, March 25, 2022 - Borrego Desert Escape(see below)

Thursday, April 14, 2022,11:30 AM - 2:30 PM PDT Scholarship/Business meeting Luncheon at the Bali Hai

May 7, 2022 - Kentucky Derby Party

Borrego Desert Escape - Wondering just what the Borrego Desert Escape is?  It is a 30-year tradition of the Retirement Association that takes us for a three-night stay at the Palm Canyon Hotel and RV Resort in Borrego Springs.  Breakfasts and dinners are planned by a committee, prepared and served together with volunteers from the group.  Possible daytime activities are many and include hikes or just strolls through the canyons and desert floor searching for desert blooms, wildlife, wonderful metal sculptures, a round of golf, visiting with fellow “Escapers” or simply relaxing with a good book by the pool.  

To guarantee a room in the RA’s reserved block and with group price, reservations must by made by January 22 by calling 1-805-691-8086 and identifying that you are with the SDSU Retirement Association.  Questions?  Contact [email protected]

Toys for Tots - Thank you to all who donated to the Toys for Tots in December.  The donations were brought to the Salvation Army who is one of the partners of this program.  They were thankful for your donations and wanted us to let you know how happy they were to receive them.

Interest Groups Updates

Walking Group - Are you looking for a way to get out of the house and get your steps in?  Our walking group has been walking at Lake Murray.  If you would like to join us, all levels are welcome.  We have been walking a little over an hour.  Come on out and visit with other members while getting some exercise and seeing the beautiful lake.   We meet on the First and Third Thursdays of the month at the gate near the parking lot.  See you there!  Contact Kimberlee Reilly [email protected] if any questions. 

Bridge Group - There has been some interest in forming a bridge group. Anyone who is interested, please reply to this email.  We have a few members interested and need a few more to get the group going.

Golf Group There is a Golf Group that meets once a month.  They have played courses that include Mission Bay, Singing Hills, Balboa Park 9-hole, Loma Santa Fe, Willowbrook, Mt. Woodson, and several courses in Borrego Springs during Desert Escape. If you are interested in joining, contact Rick Schulte at [email protected] 

SDSURA and Bohnsack Scholarship Awardees 2021-2022 - The SDSURA Scholarship Committee was able to award 5 SDSURA Scholarships for $20,000 and 1 Bohnsack Scholarship for $3,000 thanks to your donations.  More information about the awardees will be included in a future PostScript publication.  You may also be able to meet them at one of our future events. 

Directories -  You should be receiving your 2022 SDSURA Directory soon if you haven’t received it already.  Thanks to Dan Gilbreath and Kimberlee Reilly for their hard work in getting this directory published and distributed.  

Faculty/Staff Reunion- The SDSU Retirement Association and the SDSU Office of Faculty Advancement / Center for Teaching and Learning are planning a Faculty and Staff Reunion to coincide with the SDSU 125th anniversary celebration.  The reunion is scheduled for March 15, 2022, 3 - 4:30 p.m., on campus in Montezuma Hall, Aztec Center.  You are welcome to bring a guest. Please hold the date and complete this form to ensure that you receive a formal invitation to the event.  Campus Tours will also be available on this day.

March 15th, 2022 SDSU Day of Giving - March 9, 2021 was the first time the SDSURA participated in the SDSU Day of Giving event and you donated over $3,000 for SDSURA student scholarships in that one day.  The Day of Giving is an event in which the SDSU community comes together on one day each year, to accomplish something BIG - in hopes of raising money for all of the various areas across campus that matter the most to each individual.  Please consider contributing during the event this year.  More information will be available closer to the event date.

Did You Know The Aztec Fight Song (written in 1936 by Frank J. Losey and updated in 2011)?

Fight on and on ye Aztecs, then 
Mighty Montezuma we will win again
Keep your spirits high, Never bow a knee
We will fight till victory 

Fight on and on ye Aztecs, then 
Proudly raise your banners high
For it's the Red and Black
Hail to our team
San Diego Aztecs fight!

S-D-S-U, SDSU Aztecs Fight!

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  2022 Valentine’s Day celebration cancelled (Covid)

3/15/22 - SDSU Faculty/Staff Reunion

3/22/22-3/24/22 - 2022 Desert Escape, Palm Canyon Resort, Borrego Springs

4/14/22, 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM PDT Scholarship/Business meeting Luncheon at the Bali Hai

May June July August
5/7/22 - Kentucky Derby Party      
September October November December



*Invitations will be sent out prior to the event


The Kathy Ross Memorial Scholarship

Tristan Hooker, Aerospace Engineering

The Dr. Paul Strand and Sarah Hillier Scholarship

Evan Kim, Economics Quantitative Analysis

The Nore and Nancy Thiesfeld Scholarship

Diana Castillo Velasquez, Rehabilitation Counseling

The Drs. Ronald and Rinda Young Scholarship

Nathaniel Imlay, Anthropology

The Dr. Kurt and Julie Bohnsack Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Rebecca Pierce, Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy

The Dr. Aubrey Wendling Memorial Scholarship

Raymond Wells, Social Work


Daniel Chalfa, Business Administration

Abigail Castro, Child Development and Recreation & Tourism Management

Luna Miller, Criminal Justice

Rebecca Pierce, Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy

The Dr. Aubrey Wendling Memorial Scholarship

Sama Aziz, International Economics and German

The Dr. Jerry Koppman Memorial Scholarship

Pierre Sherrill II, Education, Doctoral Candidate

The Norma Summersgill Memorial Scholarship

Avi Martin, Astronomy, Computer Science and Honors

The Nore and Nancy Thiesfeld Scholarship

Tristan Hooker, Aerospace Engineering


Reina Marie Corpus, Kinesiology

Tristan Hooker, Aerospace Engineering

Avi Martin, Computer Engineering

The Dr. Lloyd and Joanna Kendall Scholarship

Rebecca Pierce, Kinesiology

The Dr. Kurt and Julie Bohnsack Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Katie Martin, Public Health (Epidemiology)

The Dr. Aubrey Wendling Memorial Scholarship

Abigail Castro, Recreation Administration and Child Development

2018 – 2019

Abigail Castro, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Camarina Krasae-Flaherty, Biology

Rebecca Pierce, Kinesiology

Devin Queen, Nursing

Ty Williams, Sustainability

The Dr. Kurt and Julie Bohnsack Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Katie Martin, Public Health (Epidemiology)

The Dr. Aubrey Wendling Memorial Scholarship

Christine Provencher, Speech, Language, and Hearing      Sciences/Language and Communication